“Daniel is a professional in every sense of the word – from his initial examination of the condition of the wood, throughout the process of re-varnishing the wood, and to the delivery of our woodie looking, as Dave Holmes had said, ‘. . . better than it had ever looked before’.  
“His final bill, that included everything from rags to varnish & time, even came in below the original estimate (that he reluctantly provided).
“There are many established, reputable people available to varnish woodies.   I cannot speak for the others because I have not used them, but I am (obviously) very happy with the job that Daniel Dews provided and I would not hesitate recommending him to others. It was a pleasure to do business with him, from start to finish!”
“Shortly after Daniel varnished my woodie, I was happy to receive the ‘Best Wood’ award at Beachcruiser’s.”
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Dougger Anderson, 1946 Ford WoodieDougger_Anderson.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_3_link_0

“Over the years, I had spent a lot of money on wood that ended up being corrected by Daniel Dews.  Before I hired him, I looked at many jobs that he had done.  He brings a zen-like beauty to his work.  He works with the car instead of on the car.

“With a Rolls Royce, you have to maintain the quality standard of their tagline, ‘World’s Finest Car’ and it can’t be second best.  Daniel brings that high tone and fine craftsmanship to his work.

”I picked up my car from Daniel and drove it directly to the Pebble Beach show.

”When my other car needs attention, I’ll definitley take it to Daniel.  He’s changed the nomenclture of what a ‘Dewsy’ is!”

Jeff Brown, 1933 Rolls Royce

“How was it working with Daniel Dews?
“In a word . . . unstressful.  I was perfectly comfortable leaving my car with Daniel.  He’s really easy to work with, seeing things that I wouldn’t have even noticed.”
Dave Holmes, 1946 Mercury Woodiehttp://livepage.apple.com/

“Daniel did both of my cars.

“He’s very upfront about everything.  He tells you exactly what your car needs – the why and how of it. He can point out where, on your car, the varnish is failing, maybe in a corner or a post or some out-of-the-way place. 

“He can see into the varnish and find crusting, spiderwebs, all kinds of things I wouldn’t see.  He can almost tell you how old the varnish is on your car!

“I’ll give you a for instance, I drive my car everywhere and it was a bit chipped and rusty in places.  I consulted with Dan and, rather than try to give it the jewelry box look, he suggested a satin finish that was more in keeping with the character of the car.  It looks great.  It’s a juniper green and the varnish really sets it off.  The wood is a natural blonde color so it makes a beautiful contrast with the green.”

Phil Albright

1950 Chrysler Town and Country Newport

1950  Chrysler  Royal Station Wagon

“I’ve known Daniel for 40 years!

“Mine was the first Woodie he had ever done but I wasn’t concerned a bit.  I knew how meticulous he is and I knew his reputation in the marina among the yacht owners so giving him my car to do didn’t phase me at all.

“I didn’t even ask for an estimate.  I know he’s a fair man.  Anybody whose gotten other bids would be pleasantly surprised at his, especially considering the expertise and value he brings to a project.  There isn’t anybody who can do a better job.

“He treats your car like it’s his own.  He’s very protective of the car while he’s got it.

“I appreciate that Daniel is all for preventative maintenance.  He’ll catch something before it has a chance to go bad, which ends up saving you money in the long run.  I even have him work on the wood at my house.  Cars are usually covered in garages but houses and boats are especially vulnerable.”

Barry Smith

1966 Morris Minor Mini Woodie

1948 Plymouth Woodie